Blog #1: Always Negotiate!

I’m going to kick off this advice column with the single most important thing I’ll ever say: always, Always, ALWAYS NEGOTIATE.

I’m certain you’ve heard this before, right?!

My hope is that I am the last person to ever convince you to negotiate each and every job offer. Sweat the details of the full compensation offer (not just salary!).

Receiving a job offer is a wonderful feeling. Your hard work has paid off and you can finally relax, right?


You’re almost there but a critical, strategic piece of the process is still to come.

There are fleeting moments in the work game when you have a strategic negotiating advantage. Having a job offer in hand is one of those moments. Seize it by walking into the next step with confidence and data to ensure that you’re not leaving money on the negotiating table.

You were offered this job because you were the best candidate. Negotiate like you know it!

But Catherine, you ask, what if they rescind the offer?

Lady, they picked you because you are a talented, highly-qualified individual they want on their team. Negotiating is sound business practice and handling it like a pro is yet another demonstration of your value. The offer is not going to disappear. You’re their number one pick. They won’t drop you.

When you have a job offer in hand, here’s your plan:

  1. Thank the employer for the offer.
  2. Affirm your enthusiasm for the opportunity.
  3. Request a day to think it over.
  4. Inbox me 😉

Spoiler alert: in my next post we’ll discuss evaluating the full compensation package. Remember that salary is but one component. While there may or may not be room to negotiate on the salary, there is always room to negotiate other benefits.

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